12 Free Resources To Grow Your Blog Fast

If you’re looking to start a blog or if you already have one, I have some great free resources, checklists, and guides to share with you today.

The resources in this blog post will help you create your blog, come up with blog post ideas, grow your blog income, design your website, learn how to share your website in order to grow your page views, and more.

These are all super valuable resources that will help you start on the right foot!

First, if you don’t have a blog, then I recommend starting off with my free blogging course How To Start A Blog FREE Course.

I started my blog, Making Sense of Cents, in August of 2011 and have built a great business. It allowed me and my husband to leave the day jobs we disliked to pursue something that we loved. Now, we travel full-time, make a great living (last month we made over $100,000 blogging), have a flexible schedule, have more time to spend with loved ones, and we will be able to retire early.

If you already have a blog or if you are thinking about starting one, I recommend checking out these free resources. The below will help you to create a successful blog and are super helpful! I receive so many common questions, and the resources below will help you in so many different areas. There are affiliate links below, but everything is free.

  1. Affiliate Marketing Cheat Sheet – With this time-saving cheat sheet, you’ll learn how to make affiliate income from your blog. These tips will help you to rapidly improve your results and increase your blogging income in no time.
  2. 8 Easy Tips To Make Money From Sponsored Posts On Your Blog – Sponsorships on your blog are a great way of earning a living online. Learn how I made my first blogging income, and how I’m now making $10,000-$20,000 a month with sponsored partnerships! This is a free cheatsheet.
  3. The Essential Blog Post Promotion Checklist – This is a great checklist that goes over what you need to do after your blog post is published.
  4. The Beginner’s Guide to Branding Your Blog – If you have a new blog, or if you are stuck in the design phase, this freebie will help you to brand and design your blog.
  5. 20 FREE (or almost free) WordPress Plugins – A very common question I receive is “What plugins should I use on my blog?” This freebie will tell you exactly what you should use!
  6. 7 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Blog Income Overnight – This free ebook gives great tips on how to increase your blogging income.
  7. 120 Awesome Blog Post Ideas –  Are you struggling to come up with new content for your blog? Here are 120 great blog post ideas that will help you beat writer’s block and create great content.
  8. Blog Structure Blueprint – This freebie will help you to create an organized blog.
  9. The New Blogger’s Guide To Guest Posting – Guest posting is a great way to improve your blog traffic. However, there is a right and a wrong way to go about it. Here’s exactly what you should do!
  10. Goal Setting Workbook – Do you want to learn how to work smarter, not harder? This Goal Setting Workbook for Bloggers is the perfect tool to help you take back your time by allowing you to clarify your purpose and prioritize what’s really important.
  11. The Secret Blueprint For Blogging Success – This shows you the exact steps you need to grow your blog and make money!
  12. Constant Contact – A great email marketing company to check out is Constant Contact. They have great customer service and a free 60 day trial (no credit card required)​.


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